How to Install Third Party Software To Your iPhone and iTouch.

UPDATE : This is a Older Version Hack

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Read on if you are trying to jailbreak a older iPhone! More Helpful Reading Material

For those of you who have recently found yourself to be a proud owner of a beautiful and sleek iPhone or iTouch, this post is for you. I found a article from one of my favorite sites "". If you have just recently purchased or received a iPhone or iTouch, this install will be a little different than those of you who have a older version of both products.

Install 3rd Party Apps on iPhone and iTouch

3rd party apps are a beautiful thing. But Apple has and will do everything in their power to stop you from making your iPhone into "your" iPhone. This is definitely understandable since after all it is their product. But since most of the world is not patient enough to wait for Apple to come around. Here are some ways around the wall of upgrades that will lock your iPhone into application purgatory.

NOTE: As we all know the world isn't perfect and neither am I. So do not think that this is fool proof plan. Learn and read as much as possible before you continue with this process of hacking your iTouch and iPhone. I know all to well how fustrating these things can be so bare with me. Here are some tips you might find useful that I found in a comment thread.

  • 1. Make sure you have the latest JAVA installed otherwise it won't work
    2. In Windows, make sure you close iTunes AND all iTunes related processes (e.g., iTunesHelper, etc.) from the Task Manager
    3. Move your jailbreak folder to the root folder in Windows (e.g., C:\) and the desktop on the Mac (you may also have to rename your hard drive on the Mac temporarily to MacintoshHD)
    4. It may not work the first time you try. If not, restore and start over.
    5. Nothing bad is going to happen if you just remember you can always force restore and get back to the original firmware.If you still have problems with the jailbreak, visit iLounge or iPod Touch Fans Forum - there are plenty of people there who can help you work out any problems...

1st Thing to Do!

The first thing your going to want to do is find out what firmware your iPhone is running. This can be done by docking your iPhone and clicking on the summary tab to see what version that you are running.Firmware Vesion

You want to have the 1.1.1. Firmware because the software that you are going to need to use has a one click upgrade that makes it extremely easy to downgrade to the right version of firmware for your iPhone. After you have performed this tweak. If you have the 1.1.1 version go to and click install AppSnapp.

If this sounds to risky take a look at this article from

If you have a older firmware version 1.0 or the newest version 1.1.2 you are going to want to upgrade or downgrade your phone to the 1.1.1. Get the iPhone firmware Here. Get the 1.1.1 firmware for your iTouch Here .


Make sure that the file ends in _Restore.ipsw, which it should by default. While it's downloading, go ahead and reboot your iPhone into recovery mode. To do so, plug in your iPhone, hold down the power and home buttons at the same time until your iPhone restarts (don't slide to power off), and then release the power button. Continue holding the home button until your device enters recovery mode.


While your firmware is still downloading which might take a while,
Download the 1.1.2 Jailbreak files. Unzip the files to your desktop. Again go to the same Summary tab where you found your current firmware version. This time, though, you're going to restore the firmware to the 1.1.1 version you just downloaded. To do this, Shift-Click the Restore button in Windows or Option-Click on a Mac and browse to where you saved the 1.1.1 firmware, select it, and restore. When the restore process completes, it will end with an error. Don't worry if this happens, as the jailbreak software is made to overcome the error.

Once you have done that run the windows.bat file on windows or the jailbreak.jar file on Mac. This will help you get past the error. If you are running jailbreak.jar all you need to do is click the reboot from recovery button.

Now when you have correctly downgraded or upgraded you firmware to 1.1.1 point your mobile safari browser to and install the appsnapps. This uses your safari mobile to pull down the apps to your phone.

You can also upgrade back to 1.1.2 Latest firmware version. Without breaking the jailbreak tweak.

Launch the installer tab on your iPhone and tap the Oktoprep installer. After you install this on the iPhone it will prep your device to be able to update without breaking the jailbreak tweak. Just dock the phone and click the update button in your iTunes. To complete the jailbreak, close iTunes, make sure your device is connected, then head back to the 1.1.2-jailbreak Folder you downloaded earlier and re-run either windows.bat (Windows users) or jailbreak.jar (Mac user).

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