Safari 4 Beta and 1 Password

Safari 4 Beta has been released today!! Really excited about that. Download it from the website today.

I noticed that my 1 Password is not turned on anymore.  The user field and password fill button disappeared.  Not to worry though... I will look into this and post a "how to enable 1 Password in Safari 4"

See you in a few :)

Jailbreak Your New iPhone 3G

Well the iPhone Dev Team has released one of the first jailbreak tools recently. The tool is called Pwnage Tool 2.0.

Although you can jailbreak the new iPhone 3G, you cannot unlock for use with other wireless networks. Their is a different cellular hardware that prevents the unlock process of transferring to a different carrier.

Fix iPhone Sync Problems

After switching to the new 3G iPhone some of you may have noticed that your sync process is not working like you would want it to be.

Saved contacts on your new phone are not syncing onto your Mac at home!

Here are some suggestions!

Try removing yor iTunes application completely from your Mac first. An easy way to do so is to just drop your iTunes in the trash. Then restart your computer. After the restart empty your trash bin.

Next download iTunes 7.7 from so you can reinstall the software.

Hopefully this issue will subside after doing this process.

Another helpful hint would be to launch iSync. In the menu you can click the reset History button.

GEO Tagging with iPhone

The latest iPhone 2.0 Beta has added more rumors to its soon to be released debut expected in June. Some of the new features may include a geo-tagging feature for its built in GPS feature.

The latest iPhone 2.0 beta will ask for the users permission to allow your iPhone to transmit your location information. Of course these preferences can be turned off if need be!

3G iPhone 2.0 Network is Coming Soon

Lots of rumors are flying around and they are finally confirmed. The Apple Products and Gadget of the year is coming out with a iPhone 2.0 version that will be available on a up and down 3G Network that is currently being tweaked by At&t !

This will complement its deployment of its HSDPA (3G download) network, making AT&T the only U.S. carrier to have fully deployed HSPA (up and down) technology on its 3G network. AT&T's 3G network is available in more than 275 markets and will expand to nearly 350 markets by year's end.

Some New features are said be :
* The first thing people will notice: the 2nd gen iPhone will be about the same size and shape as the first gen.
* It will, of course, have 3G. And proper GPS!
* The most noticeable physical difference is back of the phone is no longer metal -- the whole thing is glossy black, from top to bottom. The volume buttons are now chrome.
* Because it's got a little less metal to deal with, it doesn't have quite as many angular edges. The battery is (still) not removable.
* The phone itself will be slightly thicker than the first gen device.
* The headphone jack will no longer be recessed, and will finally be flush with the body.
* The device itself uses roughly the same size and resolution screen as the first generation product.
* No solid word on battery life or storage capacity.

Find 3G coverage in your area HERE

Ziphone 3.0 Release

Ziphone is seriously the easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone! Just install the software and click Jailbreak and you are done. Get the Version for your platform.


Ziphone 3.0 Mac Version

Ziphone 3.0 Windows Version

  • Added automat
    ic installation of BSD subsystem, SSH and Installer (now working immediately after ziphone)

    • Added PLUGIN system.

    • Please read PLUGIN_HOWTO.txt to know how to manage plugins.

    • Cleaned up code and ziphone main functions.

    • Added (surprise)

    Oral sex is not yet implemented

    Top 10 iPhone Ready Websites

    As the Dot Com age is evolving so is the means of which we receive our information. Here is a nifty list that I found from I love this site! Subscribe today!

    These are the most Optimized sites for the iPhone

    1. Facebook - : this is definitely the best iPhone optimized website that I have seen. I fell in love with it right off the bat. I have been using it for a while. My favorite feature is the text reply to messages. This feature allows you to see who just commented or emailed you and allows you a quick and easy way to reply back to that person. I also like the picture viewer app and it is really easy to browse profiles. Try it out! If you did not know about this iPhone opitimized site then your stoked and Facebook just got better :)

    2. Digg- : Digg is a social network site that lets you share information about links to stories, articles, videos, blogs you name it. It is fast and easy! Check it out!

    3. - : Brandone Eley writes about his accidental discovery of this iPhone optimized site. read more at

    4. eBay - : of course if Amazon has one you should expect ebay to be optimized too. :)

    5. Google - is optimized nicely. Click on and hit the mobile link. I love this one because I can get all of my rss feeds from my Google reader page.

    6. Tada List - : Never heard of this site till yesterday! I guess this is good for making to do list on your iPhone.

    7. Leafllets - : Once again never heard of it. But awesome and clean interface. Leaflets lets you check feeds from Newsvine,, yahoo upcoming events, flickr, NY Times and much more. It also points you to a list of apps for the iphone that you may not have installed yet. Loads Quickly and easy to use.

    8. Yahoo Search - Looks different (a little bit) but smells the same. i.e.

    9. Wordpress Blogs - Which this is, if you have not noticed. Have your iPhone optimized blog in a jiffy. This is a free blog but if you have one hosted with Wordpress that is not free but on its own domain you can download the plugin from and simply turn it on in your admin panel. More about iPhone Plugin

    10. Pocket Tweets - : Great little twitter app for those of you who love a Twitter style site.

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